Buying Online


Please know that Certified Allure, Allure Romance, Stella York, Justin Alexander and Lillian West Products are NOT sold online. To ensure you are purchasing an Authentic wedding dress from the actual designer, please buy in store only.  Online retailers use pictures from these lines above but continue to sell copies, knock offs, used wedding gowns and previously altered gowns.  If you find a wedding gown online and the price seems to good to be true, more than likely  you are buying a copy or a used dress that has been altered.

ANY discount online wedding websites that say they are selling a specific gown and style number quite simply don’t have access to those dresses and are almost always selling you a copy, stolen or damaged dress.

You can always check with us at the Bridal Boutique in most cases we may be able to match the price anyway if the dress is a current non discontinued style.